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Tiles are described as a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material made from either porcelain or ceramic used to decorate outside or inside areas of your home. This might seem easy enough and may get you thinking that the actual tiling job performed by general contractors in Rhode Island is a breeze. But when it comes to putting tiles down, it does get a little tricky.

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There is no question about it that tiles anywhere adds value to any room or outdoor area. But before any homeowner can get to this stage, they need to consider a few essential things.

Which Types of Tiles Are Right for Your Tilers Project

You will find there are all kinds of tiles used by tilers. This would include limestone, mosaic and slate, granite, marble, and sandstone among others. However, the main types of tiles used are porcelain and ceramic.

The difference between Ceramic and Porcelain

The term ‘Ceramic’ is generally applied to a whole lot of different tiles which leads to confusion about the makeup of porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles are made from clay that is mixed with various minerals and water. The final mix would be heated to create the end product. Due to the porous nature of ceramic materials, the top area would have to be sealed with a glaze that is referred to as the ‘design layer.’ This layer would determine the final colors, texture, and design. 

Porcelain tiles are made up of finely-ground sand, and unlike ceramic tiles, the heating process would require a very high temperature and pressure.

Why should you bother to use tiles, and what are the benefits?

One key reason is that you get to decorate your living space with a wide variety of styles and sizes. Regardless of what project you have lined up through the help of construction companies, you will be able to find reputable tilers who will have tiles in stock to suit your needs.

Another thing that requires your careful consideration would be the design you go for. For instance, do you need tiling work to be done to enhance the appearance of your room, or would you require a more functional approach? You may even want to opt for a combination of the two. Whatever your heart desires, tilers will be able to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations as they have an excellent knowledge of what is required to either make the place appear functional, smart or a little bit of both.

General Contractors Give an Insider’s View on How to Clean Grout on Tiled Floors

If you are looking for some useful advice on how to clean grout on tile floors, then a good place to start would be with a construction company.who know a thing or two about tiling. They will tell you that all that is needed is some patience and a few necessary tools.

Generally speaking, tiled floors are hard to clean as they gather far more dust than any other tile. This is even more so when the floor tiles are lighter than the actual grout. Take a light beige tile with grey grouting. In most cases, the problem will be compounded as the grout turns darker and darker, as experienced by professional tilers.

Up until now, you may have used chemicals that are not necessarily safe around the home, especially when you have pets and small children. While it may be easy to remove surface contaminants from the grout between your tiles, there might be an even easier more simple way that is not harmful to anyone.

Over here we will share some simple tips on how to clean grout in a way that is to everyone’s benefit. The cleaning product that is safe to use is powdered oxygen bleach. This product happens to be nontoxic and can also be used to clean colored grouting. It is often preferred by tilers because it effortlessly removes any grease and stains that are visible on grout lines. This is due to the oxygen ions breaking down the molecules embedded in the stains.

The first step would be to mix the powdered oxygen bleach using warm water, and then stir it continuously until dissolved. Once done, the solution would be poured over the tiles on your floor so it can go to work on the grout lines. This is where the patience aspect comes into play as mentioned by expert tilers. You need to let the solution seep right into the grout, and leave it to do its work for about 30 minutes. The longer you leave it, the less scrubbing you need to do.

Depending on how good the brand is, you may find that the solution would last up to 6 hours long. Once you see that the solution actually disappear right into the grout, then it would be best to add some more to ensure that enough solution is present to help eat the grime away.

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